An Introduction

Those not already in the know are probably dying to hear my plans for a year away. Well, I am not at all ashamed to disappoint you. There ARE no plans! I will see where the road takes me, following my nose, or my heart, or my stomach, depending on how hungry/tired/mischevious I feel at a given moment. I have but three simple guidelines:

  • I would like to visit South America, Antarctica and Africa
  • I want to do it by land and sea – NO flying
  • I will be environmentally conscious

So. Might be I end up back in Whistler in 3 months without a dime to my name but having newly contracted syphilis. Or might be that this blog becomes outrageously popular and I end up traveling the world forever, peddling tall tales of my adventures like all the great explorers.

Emma battles an Antarctic Sea Monster. An inevitability.

Do you want to know my favourite thing about the greatest (/most celebrated) explorers? THEY WERE ALL MASSIVE LIARS! They made up the most ridiculous stories, mostly so rich fools would continue funding their expeditions. Cheeky! Admirable though, in a way. I intend to emulate them. This will be a semi-autobiographical blog about my exploits around the globe, likely with more than just a sprinkling of exaggeration and at least a few outright lies.

Contact me to arrange a donation if you would like to subscribe to live vicariously through me. Cash or Interac only please. The next post will be published when donations reach CA$100.

Soundtrack: Iron & Wine – Boy With A Coin

4 thoughts on “An Introduction

  1. You should post a list of things you’ll do for various donation amounts. Like $10 = eat a weird local delicacy. $150 = get a tattoo of that country’s flag on your forehead, &c.


    1. Great idea, I think I’ll use that!

      By the way, I tried to find you a postcard in Monticello. Unfortunately no luck, but I bet you don’t have a postcard from the cornfields of Iowa in your collection!


  2. My brother-in-law is from Guatemala, and I may be able to help you find people to stay with. I also have a friend in Colombia that would be more than happy to have you stay with his family. I also have a couple of friends who used to be in the Peace Corps that could hook you up with people in Central America. Let me know!

    PS I love that you include the soundtrack. It’s so live journal :)


    1. Thanks for the comments Calee! Glad to know this is interesting to people outside my own circle! I’m traveling with a friend for the next few weeks and we are heading to Guatemala next and Colombia is also definitely a place I want to see! I’m sending you a message on FB, hope that’s ok!


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