Pemberton: A Recipe For Nostalgia


  • 5 hours of glorious sunshine
  • 3 rad buds
  • 1 motor vehicle


  • Accept invitation to go RASPBERRY PICKING in Pemberton (so wholesome! I may as well be a virgin!)
  • Spend the drive north admiring the beauty of the mountains and immediately start to question the necessity/sanity of my imminent long-planned and saved-for 12 month global odyssey. 
  • Adhere face to car window as we drive through Pemberton as if I’ve never seen Mount Currie before.
  • Arrive at North Arm Farm. Detach face from window. Dazzle (bewilder) farm worker with my awkward charm before wandering past PUMPKINS! LOOK AT ALL THE PUMPKINS! out to the fields to pick raspberries. RASPBERRIES! WHOLESOME!


  • One berry for the bucket, two berries for me, one for the bucket, five for me.. &c.  
  • Congratulate myself on brilliant idea of giving berries as gifts to friends who are hosting me the next few days. “Look, I am such the wholesomest and wonderfulest guest, have some fresh raspberries I picked just for you!” #iamsocharming


  • Spend half an hour shamelessly playing on swings.
  • Accept challenge to catch a chicken. Unsuccessful despite valiant and totally coordinated efforts. 
  • Re-adhere face to window for drive back through Pemberton. 
  • Lunch at the Pony. Um, how have I never eaten here before? DELICIOUS!
  • Hike to the top of Nairn Falls. Stand as close to the edge as I dare (vertigo and a strong sense of self preservation ensure this is not very close at all) and stare mesmerised into the abyss. Contemplate mortality and the meaning of life.


  • Activate fear, anxiety and uncertainty about tomorrow’s departure. MEEP!

Soundtrack: Eddie Vedder – Tuolumne

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