Midlothian: Family

You know how everyone thinks that THEIR offspring/ nieces/ nephews/ godchildren are just the absolute cutest and best in the world?

Well, all those people are wrong, because my cousins are the best. I’m not going to belittle them by calling them ‘cute’ (even though they totally are) because they’re not babies anymore. They’re, like, real people now. 


Mia has floored me more than once with the depth of empathy and intuition she shows for a person her age. She’s witty and beautiful, a generous and patient big sister (almost always) and she already knows more about makeup than I do. I got to see her dance in her school pep rally (pep rally! America!) and it turns out she’s a talented dancer too. 

We like to make faces.

Ava is a renaissance girl – her toys range from barbies to dinosaurs to trucks to dog skeleton models (?!). She has bizarre fashion sense but somehow ties every outfit together flawlessly in a way I wish I could emulate. She’s type A – she requires details and needs to be on time, but she’s also sweet and sensitive and wants all of the cuddles. 

Like this post if you think Mia and Ava’s parents should FedEx them to me. They could join me for the rest of the trip and we would be like a strange little wolf pack and we would howl together every night before bed. 

Soundtrack: Beirut – Santa Fe

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