Puerto Escondido: ¡Buena Onda!

I have received a challenge to write a post entirely in rhyme. These verses are dedicated to Marianne, the least funny person I’ve ever met.

Oaxaca is a state with some super gnarly streets
Of course the collectivos have no seatbelts for the seats
There are speedbumps on the HIGHWAYS – someone’s brilliant idea
Our driver’s rate of stop ‘n’ goin’ was a reasonable thing to fear
Highway speed then violent braking, o’er the bumps then back to speed
Our bodies tossed around the van all night – an experience indeed
It wouldn’t be a lie to say t’was the worst ride I’ve ever had
Finally made it to our destination and gosh I sure was glad

The view from Playa Zicatela

We arrived in the dark, shown to hammocks until check-in
After zero sleep all night any comfort was a blessing
I passed out in no time, unaware of my surroundings
When I woke a little later the view was quite astounding
You couldn’t paint a better picture of Eden if you tried
¡Hola Puerto Escondido! I guess you’re worth the ride!

Not a bad place to wake up

We hammocked through the morning ‘til something odd occurred
It sounds rather unlikely but you can trust my word
A guy called Dave who is the opposite of boring
Was talked into modeling for a sesh of life drawing
We set chairs around a table and Dave struck a pose
Clare provided paint and paper and creative juices flowed

One of the strangest and best things I’ve ever done while traveling

The next day we spent down at Playa Carrezelillo
Some gringos can’t pronounce it so they call it ‘Quesadilla’
A day of sun and sand and drinking cocos frijos
I rented a surfboard and was happy as can be-o
When it comes to surfing I’m kind of a pro
I even sort of stood up once, kinda almost… y’know
We stayed until the day was done and watched the slow sun set
It was so very beautiful we all held hands and wept

Our first Puerto sunset

We whiled away the next few days between hammocking and meals
Every day was glorious but here’s my highlight reel:

  • A long evening walk along the rocky coast was groovy
    Captivated by blowholes, crabs and sea urchins, ‘twas more thrilling than a movie
  • Surfing with my new bud Chila from the shop Oasis
    That lesson on my final day helped me nail the basics
  • Watching from the beach as stingrays darted round the shallows
    They were having quite a time, they looked like total bros
  • Climbing round La Punta on the eve of our last day
    Watching baby turtles released to go their way
Walking round the point to watch baby turtles released onto the beach to start their long swim to Costa Rica!

Really though, it’s the folks we met who made it so fantastic
Well met you crazy kids, you nutjobs are bombastic!
Puerto Escondido, I was sad to say farewell
But I’ll be back, it won’t be long, I really think you’re swell

Sat and watched the tide come in here for, oh, probably only 45 minutes


  • My hostel was amazing but I’m not going to give you the name. They don’t need my recommendation to sell out every night so I figure if you want to stay there you gotta earn it – talk to other travelers and ask for their advice when you travel. You’ll get the best tips and most recent and accurate information that way. 
  • Puerto is a great place to learn to surf. My first day I rented a board and went out by myself. I felt pretty good on my own but was definitely happy to accept the help of instructors who offered advice and gave little boosts while they waited for their students to paddle back out after waves. They weren’t pushy at all and didn’t expect anything in return – a friend of mine offered a tip to one guy but he repeatedly refused to accept it. These guys just want to get people stoked on surfing. That’s how I met Chila from Oasis Spanish & Surf School. It wasn’t really in my budget but I ended up doing a lesson with him on my last day and it was awesome. If you’re looking to learn to surf in Puerto, go to Oasis and ask for Chila. He’s the best! 

Life Lessons Learned:

  • If there’s one thing that will make highways safer, it’s vehicles constantly accelerating and decelerating rapidly for speedbumps.
  • Sleeping in a hammock is like riding a bicycle – the body remembers the necessary technique

Soundtrack: The Japanese Popstars – Shells of Silver

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